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Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University


The Human Rights Center is a university initiative that assists students and accordingly their communities to gain a better understanding of their rights through raising awareness in the course of formal and non-formal methods, thus complementing their education all through university years and years after. The center also strives to partner with other national and international institutions and NGOs and achieve its objectives through empowerment skills, access to data, students’ development activities, and communal interaction.


Dr. Omar Houri

Dr. Omar Houri is the director of the Beirut Arab University's Human Rights Center and the assistant dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. He studied law in Lebanon, the USA and Germany. He is an expert on constitutional, international and human rights law. As a practicing attorney and partner of a Beirut based law firm he provides extensive knowledge not just about the theory of international and human rights law, but also about its implementation in practice.